HK Express : 便宜機票,遊韓三城,盡享多元文化,兼覽自然美景!

【Gotta go 飛,盡情發掘韓國魅力】
【Gotta go fly with us to explore the best of Korea 】

計劃一個悠長假期,漫遊首爾、釜山、濟州三個各有不同嘅城市,探索韓國多姿多采嘅文化!單程票價低至HKD 288*,配合網頁版Open-jaw功能,就可以輕鬆游走於韓式繁華都市嘅魅力同迷人嘅自然風光!




釜山及濟州︰2023年7月1 日至10月28日

South Korea is a vibrant country that attracts millions of tourists every year! It’s safe to say it’s a destination that leaves a lasting impression! With one-way fares to Seoul, Busan, and Jeju starting as low as HKD 288*, and our open-jaw function available on our website, you can explore this amazing country with a single adventure that spans three energetic cities.

Seoul: With fashionable shopping complexes, traditional restaurants, and fancy Korean cafes located every two steps, Seoul is the perfect destination to feel the heartbeat of South Korea

Busan: Located on the southern coast, this enchanting city is renowned for its magnificent natural landscapes, which attract millions of travellers every year. Dont forget to capture some Instagram-worthy moments by taking the Sky Capsule and Beach Train in Blueline Park, Haeundae!

Jeju: In addition to the stunning landscapes in Hallasan National Park, Jeju is the paradise of hydrangeas in the summer and Camellias in the winter. If you love capturing the wonders of nature, then Jeju is a place for you!

Booking Period: From Now till 14 Apr 2023 (23:59)
Travel Period:
Seoul: 9 May – 28 Oct 2023
Busan and Jeju: 1 Jul – 28 Oct 2023
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^Citizens from Hong Kong and Macau are not required to apply K-ETA to enter South Korea from 1 Apr


*Limited availability. Terms and conditions apply. The offer is only valid for round-trip bookings originating from Hong Kong (including open-jaw tickets). Fares do not include taxes and surcharges. The final settlement amount is subject to exchange rate; please refer to the system display.

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